Classes & workshops begin again…

after our short break for the summer, the ‘Block of the Month‘  started again on Saturday. The blocks this year are based on Log Cabin and are started to look quite intricate now (they’re not though) – this month we are working on ‘Wild Goose Log cabin’

Holly and Hazel's blocks

Holly and Hazel’s blocks

Nicola's black & white block

Nicola’s black & white block

Alison made two - don't you love the 'popping' green square in the middle?

Alison made two – don’t you love the ‘popping’ green square in the middle?

Caroline manage to disappear before I got a photo – I won’t be so slow next month!

Chris is teaching it again on Thursday and there are a few places left if you fancy a try, The beauty of this block of the month is that each block will look lovely if you made a quilt using all the same block, so if you didn’t want to make the sample quilt you can dip in and out and choose the blocks you’d like to try.

On Thursday, Barbara Chainey came and taught us the art of traditional hand quilting – the ladies had an enjoyable day and had tuition on stencil marking, the types of fabrics and equipment to use and then had a practice at stitching, so beautiful results were produced.

Digital StillCameraDigital StillCamera

and I loved Erica’s antique looking thimble it is so pretty

Digital StillCamera

one of the joys of having Barbara teach at The Corner Patch is that she usually brings along a few antique quilts for us to look at and this 1930s cream satin one is a delight 

Barbara's 1930s quilt

Barbara’s 1930s quilt

I have had some local beeswax delivered this week,

Beeswax blocks

Beeswax blocks – looks good enough to eat!

In case you’re wondering why I would stock beeswax; hand sewers run their thread through beeswax to prevent it shredding and it helps the thread run through the fabric smoothly. It smells lovely too!

I have also had some starter kits aimed at children delivered too, inspired by our ‘Little Stitchers’

Digital StillCameraDigital StillCamera

is it too early to mention the ‘C’ word? but I  do think they might make good stocking fillers.

I hope you are enjoying this lovely Autumnal sunshine we’re having at the moment, let’s hope it last a little longer it’s bad enough that the nights are drawing in, but we don’t want it getting too cold just yet do we? however it is a good excuse (if you need one!) to get the sewing machine out.

So whatever your project hand or machine, until next time.

Happy Stitching X



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