Catching up

that’s all I seem to be doing recently – so much to do and so little time. I’m sure you feel the same, the days seem to be flying by and I don’t know about you but the ‘to do’ list seems to be getting longer.

Are we really busier or do we just try to pack so much into each day because we feel pressured to be this ideal that we think we should be? There is so much information out there – TV, magazines and social media that maybe we feel we have to do it all !

I don’t have the answer I just think that you have to do what you can and make time to do the things you enjoy – whethers that catching up on your favourite television programme, walking the dog, spending time with family or doing a bit of sewing.

Don’t feel guilty, enjoy it 🙂

We had a full workshop on Wednesday evening (last week! see what I mean where did that week go?) for our ‘Prattle & Patch’ usually we do more prattling but there was quite a bit of productivity this week.

Sandra's chicken doorstop

Sandra’s chicken doorstop

Alice is working on her entry for ‘The Corner Patch Challenge’ with a technique called ‘Folded Star’- it looks incredibly complicated, Alice assures us that it’s not, but the effect is stunning. Alice also works for Katherine House and quite strangely came across an example of what she’s been working on, so she bought it in to show us.

Folded Star

Folded Star

I think we might be having a workshop on this – if I can persuade Alice.

My Mum Kate is working on a quilt for a friend for Christmas it’s made up of angels which she is appliqueing by hand

Kate's hand appliqued Angel

Kate’s hand appliqued Angel

Mel popped in to use the sewing machine and got a bit of a refresher on attaching continuous binding onto two fabulous quilts she has made

Mel's beach hut quilt

Mel’s beach hut quilt

Mel's purple & pink quilt

Mel’s purple & pink quilt

She’s due to have an operation on her knee soon so she’s got plenty of hand sewing to do during her recovery.

We have had some more Christmas fabrics in at the shop, a fun snowman panel & coordinating fabrics and some lovely metallics

Winterley Wonderful Snowman panel

Winterley Wonderful Snowman panel

Winterley Wonderful coordinates

Winterley Wonderful coordinates

Christmas Metallics from Robert Kaufman

Christmas Metallics from Robert Kaufman

and for those of you who are not ready to think about Christmas just yet, we had some fun children themed fabrics from Riley Blake

Oh Boy! from Riley Blake

Oh Boy! from Riley Blake

Girl Crazy from Riley Blake

Girl Crazy from Riley Blake

and I’ve been busy making up a sample and really practicing my free motion quilting (I’m getting better the more I do)

Free Motion practice

Free Motion practice

not the best photo but I have been enjoying doing it, although it’s a great way to lose time.

I hope you have time to yourself this week and get to do something for you.

Until next time

happy stitching x

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