A slightly calmer week

Although things don’t seem to be any less busy here at The Corner Patch, this week has seen us slowing things down a bit, with some hand sewing

Barbara Chainey started her course of Hand Sewing classes this week and showed the ladies how to sew diamonds, with papers and without, into ‘Tumbling blocks’.Digital StillCamera

Barbara is an expert hand sewer and has created some gorgeous work and her hand quilting is world class. She also collects vintage quilts and is able to look at a quilt and ‘date’ it, just by looking at the type of fabric and patterns used. She quite often will bring a vintage quilt or two to class as examples.

Marilla does beautiful hand stitching (although she wouldn’t admit to it!) and she bought in the ‘Antique Rose’ blocks she has made so far, after one of last years classes.

Marilla's beautiful 'Antique Rose' blocks

Marilla’s beautiful ‘Antique Rose’ blocks

Digital StillCamera

Just a few more to make Marilla!

Next month’s class with Barbara is ‘Sawtooth Star’ and is on Wednesday 11th March either morning or evening.

hand sewn Sawtooth Star

hand sewn Sawtooth Star

We also had a  ‘Little Stitchers’ class on Friday, with it being half-term and we got the girls making pencil rolls. Courtney and Isabella are quite confident sewers and had used a sewing machine before, so soon got their projects finished and very good they looked too.

Courtney and Isabella with their pencil rolls

Courtney and Isabella with their pencil rolls.

We had some lovely jelly rolls and charm packs from Moda, Whitewashed Cottage by 3 sisters, it’s a  pretty floral range in pale pinks, lemons,lilac and soft greys. The jelly rolls might look nice when used for Tracy’s ‘Jelly Roll Star’ workshop on Wednesday.

Digital StillCamera

Tracy’s busy this week she is also teaching on Saturday – her ‘Bag of the Month’ class and this month it’s a ‘Charm Square’ bag.

Charm Square Bag

Charm Square Bag

So back to a busy week, with Chris Franses teaching our ‘Block of the Month’ class, as well.

Pinwheel Star

Pinwheel Star

This month is ‘Pinwheel Star’ – learning how to make ‘flying geese’ to make into this lovely block.

Lots to try – something for everyone.

Happy Sewing X

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