A lovely day

I have had an absolutely lovely day today surrounded by beautiful quilts and lovely ladies.I spent the day at St James Church Hall at Wollaston Stourbridge with the ladies of Crystal Quilters, such a friendly welcoming group of very talented patchwork and quilters.

The hall was awash with bright spring sunshine which illuminated the most fabulous quilts

2015-04-18 09.35.47 2015-04-18 09.36.18 2015-04-18 09.36.46 2015-04-18 09.36.59 2015-04-18 09.37.07 2015-04-18 09.39.49 2015-04-18 09.40.02 2015-04-18 09.40.12 2015-04-18 09.40.32 2015-04-18 09.40.48

Even the refreshment tables had pretty patchwork cloths

Even the refreshment tables had pretty patchwork clothes                                                                            

We had had a pretty busy beginning to the month, with quite a few classes & workshops, the first being Chris’ block settings class …. looking at different frame settings ….

Pauline & Sue's framed blocks

Pauline & Sue’s framed blocks

Next month we will be looking at mitres and shadow block setting

Mitred frames next months block setting

Mitred frames next months block setting

The block of the month was Turnstile Star and lots were made….

Nicola's blocks

Nicola’s blocks

Ann's blocks

Ann’s blocks

Whizzy Helen's blocks

Whizzy Helen’s blocks

Alison's pretty florals

Alison’s pretty florals

Helen K's blocks

Helen K’s blocks

Rita, Margaret, Sheila & Lynne's blocks

Rita, Margaret, Sheila & Lynne’s blocks

Lesley stayed behind after class, not because she’d been naughty, just so she could get a little bit of advice & help cutting her binding strips, ready to finish her fabulous ‘quilt as you go’ project, she has done the most beautiful applique and some lovely free-motion quilting on each block…..2015-04-09 14.56.00 2015-04-09 14.55.40 2015-04-09 14.55.25 2015-04-09 14.55.09

I’m sure you’ll agree they’re so pretty, I can’t wait to see them all join together.

Barbara was here on Wednesday teaching hand quilting, it was a very quiet but contented class, there is something so relaxing about hand sewing, I don’t know if you agree but you can’t rush it so I think you can’t help but slow down and take things easy.

2015-04-15 14.39.47 2015-04-15 14.40.59

I could do with some extra hours in the next few days, as I frantically cut and fold fabric and get all my lovely things together ready for Uttoxeter. I’m not sure how it happens but what seemed to be months away is suddenly here – our most local quilt show – The British Quilt and Stitch Village at Uttoxeter Racecourse – on Friday 24th, Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th April. There are sure to be lots of fabulous quilts and embroideries to inspire you, workshops & demonstrations to encourage you and lots of wonderful retail therapy, including The Corner Patch. please do pop by the stall and say ‘Hi’, it’ll be lovely to see you.

On a personal note – I have entered ‘The Race for Life’ in aid of cancer research, I shall be running 5k on Sunday 31st May at Telford. I have a ‘just giving page‘ if you would like to sponsor me – I’m not just running in memory of people who I have lost to cancer (my brilliant dad & lovely mum-in law) but for all my amazing friends who have fought and beaten it! – Sue, Julie, Marion, Angie and quite a few others – in fact I’m pleased to say I think I know more people who have survived cancer than have been beaten by it ! I’ve been running since July last year and back then I could barely run 50 metres – I have slowly (very slowly!) built up my distance and actually ran my first 5k on New Years day on holiday in Florida – I can’t tell you how chuffed I felt!

and tomorrow (well actually later today!) my fantastic(if not slightly bonkers!) husband Glen and his brother Tim are running in the Manchester marathon, they are not doing it for charity just for the personal challenge and I can’t tell you how proud I am of them.

Anyway, I better get some sleep – I’ve got some serious cheering to do later!

Until next time, Happy Stitching

Jane X

2 thoughts on “A lovely day

  1. Ann powell

    Hi I was at St James on Saturday and purchased a number of items came to £16.45however when I got home I was an item missing it was the pink material with matching buttons I have been charged for it it was £4.99 I was the lady who declined a receipt I paid by card sorry.can you reimburse or send me the item.


    1. jane2267 Post author

      Hi Ann,
      I’m so sorry – I must have omitted to put it in your bag, it was quite busy, what a silly thing to do.
      Please let me have your address & I will happily post it to you.
      Best wishes
      Jane x



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