A lovely show

phew! that was quite a busy weekend, but a very lovely one.

I’ve been at the British Quilt and Stitch Village at Uttoxeter Racecourse this weekend. I pretended I was working but really it’s more like a social weekend ! I get to meet lots of lovely people – fellow traders & customers, and see such beautiful quilts, there are so many talented people out there.

I have added some picture here, I don’t have anyone’s permission, so I hope I don’t upset anyone.     I just want to share the beauty & talent….

2015-04-26 15.17.51 2015-04-26 15.17.43 2015-04-26 15.17.27 2015-04-26 15.17.18 2015-04-26 15.15.59 2015-04-26 15.15.30 2015-04-26 15.15.43 2015-04-26 15.15.23 2015-04-26 15.15.01 2015-04-26 15.14.38 2015-04-26 15.14.09 2015-04-26 15.14.03

These are only the quilts that were next to my stand, I sadly never got time to have look at any of the other exhibits, but from all the lovely comments i heard they were equally as brilliant.

The rest of the Frozen fabric finally arrived (after being promised it would arrive by the end of March!) on Friday last week and me being the eternal optimist I felt sure I would be able to make the quilt I had seen in the Fons & Porter ‘Love of Quilting’ magazine to show it off !                                             I started on Monday cutting squares and snowflakes, I sewed on Tuesday until 11p.m (I’m nothing if not determined!) and when I was still sewing on Wednesday when everyone came for ‘Prattle & Patch’ at 7 p.m. – my fabulous Mum Kate took over, so I could do some cutting and start getting everything together ready for setting up the stall on Thursday – we didn’t leave the shop until gone midnight and there was still binding to put on! So a big thank you to my amazing Mum who spent Thursday morning sewing the binding on for me.

I think it was worth it!

I think it was worth it!

Also huge thanks to my fabulous friends Caroline, who help me make up the kits and Hazel who helped cut up fat quarters, without you I don’t think I’d still be sane.                                                Also enormous thanks to Tracy who looked after the shop so capably for me.                                 My biggest thanks have to go to super hubby Glen, who after running a Marathon last Sunday, took a week off work to recover, ended up helping me erect shelves, put up with me changing my mind every 5 minutes as to where things should go and proved to be a fantastic sales assistant ! (I think he secretly enjoyed it)

I also displayed the quilt I had made to show of the lovely Lewis & Irene ‘Coastal’ range…

Coastal Quilt

Coastal Quilt

It was quite a busy show, although the numbers of visitors did seem a little down from last year, maybe I was just a bit more used to it this year.

Anyway, It will probably take me another week to come down from all the excitement and put everything away back in it’s right place – never mind tidy up the workshop!                                         Oh my goodness!  there are classes again on Wednesday…I’d better get a move on … wish me luck!

One thought on “A lovely show

  1. alison humphries

    Hi Jane – so glad your Frozen fabric finally arrived – you knew that was going to happen… But it was definitely worth all the effort to make that lovely sample. Unfortunately I didn’t get to go to Uttoxeter this year so thanks for sharing those lovely pictures. Alison X



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