A sense of achievement

when do you get a sense of achievement, that nice feeling when you’ve completed a task. It might have been something you’ve been putting off or something that you’ve been working hard towards but isn’t a great feeling when you’ve done it, isn’t it?

I’m very good at putting things off, particularly if I don’t like doing something or I think it’s going to be difficult, but I do know that I feel better when I’ve done it and they’re not nagging at me in the back of my mind. Whether it sewing the binding on or making up samples or just getting the ironing done – it’s a good feeling.

My biggest sense of achievement this weekend was to complete ‘The Race for Life’ for cancer research. I ran a 5k at Telford on Sunday. I have been running for nearly a year now and usually run on my own or with Glen – so it was a bit strange running with 1500 other woman but a great sense of achievement.It was also great to share the experience with my sister Liz, who has been runner a lot longer than me & is quite a bit quicker.

Pink ladies

Pink ladies

Alice must feel a great sense of achievement with this fabulous quilt she has made.

Alice's circle quilt

Alice’s circle quilt

Alice is completely self taught and she likes to try new techniques and I’m sure you’ll agree this quilt is beautiful. I love the bright colours – it reminds me of Elmer the Elephant.

Harriet and a couple of her friends came to the shop on saturday afternoon for a birthday treat for Harriet. It’s great to see the fun they have because they enjoy sewing so much. They made pencil rolls and I was particularly impressed with Maddie who had never used a sewing machine before and after the initial bit of nervousness she really seemed to enjoy herself.

Harriet, Maddie & Harriet with their pencil rolls.

Harriet, Maddie & Harriet with their pencil rolls.

I’m looking forward to the ‘Staffordshire Patchwork & Quilter’s’ meeting this Thursday (June 4th) Stuart Hillard from ‘The Great British Sewing Bee’ is coming to give a talk, I’m sure he will be very interesting and inspirational. We saw some of his quilts when Mum & I were in Malvern they were gorgeous.

So this week I will be trying to keep this feeling of achievement and get more stuff done, it’s better than the alternative.

Hope you get lots achieved too.

Happy sewing X

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