and the living is easy…..                                                                                                                           that’s what the song says doesn’t it?.

I’m loving this beautiful sunshine aren’t you?                                                                                           It’s not much fun in The Corner Patch workshop though, because it is in effect in the roof, it gets very hot and because we’re at the bottom of the arcade, there’s no breeze, so opening the windows has little effect.But we have fans and an air cooler and us crazy mad patchworkers will do anything to keep sewing!

Caroline has finished her ‘Coastal’ quilt top and has layered it up to start quilting it.

Caroline's Coastal Quilt

Caroline’s Coastal Quilt

she has used the lovely Lewis & Irene Coastal fabrics, this has been a very popular range, there isn’t much left!

I’ve been busy this week getting ready for our sale which started yesterday. With wonderful help from Ruth & Caroline, we cut up fabric & went through all the bolts on the shelves re-stickering & sorting. I’ve been quite ruthless and have marked down the majority of the sale fabrics to £5 per metre. Sometimes I feel like I’d like to get rid of it all & start again ! This is only because there are so many wonderful fabrics out there I could fill the shop five times over (if not more!)

Lots of Bargains in the Sale

Lots of Bargains in the Sale

We had a busy day on Saturday, a big ‘thank you’ to Tracy & Ashley who helped me serve all the lovely customers, who went away very happy with bags of bargains. There are still plenty of bargains to be had, as the sale continues until next Saturday (11th) I have to make room for all the fabulous Christmas fabric that has started to arrive – I know I mentioned the ‘C’ word again, I’m afraid you will probably be hearing it quite a bit more between now & November.                                                  Last year I said I was going to be better at ordering my Christmas fabric & try not to have so much of it, but I think I’ve failed, it’s all too lovely (I can’t help it!)

While this glorious sunshine continues and if you don’t want to be stuck inside sewing on your machine, why not try some hand sewing. English paper piecing is ideal – it doesn’t have to be hexagons (although they are addictive!) there are lots of other shapes to try – diamonds, kite shaped & even squares. It’s so portable, takes up hardly any room and is quite relaxing,an ideal way to take things slowly & can be done in the garden in the sunshine with a nice long cool glass of something refreshing ( you decide – for me it’s got to be Crabbies ginger beer!)

Enjoy the sunshine, stay cool.                                                                                                                  Until next time, Happy sewing X

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