Autumn Leaves

I’m feeling very Autumnal today, I think it must be this typical ‘bank holiday’ weather.

We’ve had some beautiful fabrics in this week that perfectly fits that feeling…..

Perfectly Seasoned by Sandy Gervais for Moda features a smorgasbord of spicy autumn shades of orange, golds & browns with a touch of purple & teal.

perfectly seasoned

perfectly seasoned

Forest Friends from Makowers Henley Studio collections features foxes, owls & toadstools in warm autumnal colours

Forest friends

Forest friends

Forest Fancy by Deb Strain, again Moda fabrics, has a lovely panel featuring an owl sitting on a pumpkin, plus some lovely leafy prints to co-ordinate with it.

2015-09-01 09.46.04small2015-09-01 10.42.16small

This panel has inspired me to make the ‘maple leaf’ block…. and I thought you might like to know how to make them too (if you don’t already)

Maple leaf block

Maple leaf block

This is basically a ‘nine-patch’ block and as such needs to be divisible by 3 ( so 6″ or 9″ or 12″ finished block size)                                                                                                                                  I chose to make 6″ blocks

So for a 6″ block I cut:-                                                                                                                           2 x 2 7/8″ squares in background fabric (brown in my block)                                                                   2 x 2 7/8″ squares in main fabric (this will be the leaf colour)                                                                  1 x 2 1/2″ square in background fabric                                                                                                    4 x 2 1/2″ squares in main fabric                                                                                                             2 x 2 1/4″ squares in background.                                                                                                            I known that’s more than 9 units but stay with me – it will work out!

Taking your 2 x 2 7/8″ background squares, mark the diagonal on each one…

Mark the diagonal on the 2 7/8

Mark the diagonal on the 2 7/8″ squares

Place them right sides together with the 2 x 2 7/8″ main colour squares

2015-08-30 15.36.40

Sew a 1/4″ seam either side of the marked line

2015-08-30 15.37.41

and the cut in half along the marked diagonal line

2015-08-30 15.38.11

press them open with the seam to one side

2015-08-30 15.38.52

If you do this with both sets of 2 7/8″ squares you will have 4 half square triangle units.

To make the ‘stalk’ unit, take one of the 2 1/2″ main colour squares and the 2 x 2 1/4″ background squares.                                                                                                                        Mark the diagonal on each of the background squares.                                                                  Take one of the background squares and place it in the corner of the main fabric square…..

2015-08-30 14.01.41

sew along the marked diagonal line

2015-08-30 14.02.22

cut the corner off 1/4″ away from the sewn line

2015-08-30 14.02.59

Press the background fabric away

2015-08-30 14.03.22

and repeat the process on the opposite side

2015-08-30 14.03.41

2015-08-30 14.04.12

2015-08-30 14.04.37

2015-08-30 14.04.57

then arrange your remaining 2 1/2″ squares, half square triangles and ‘stalk’ unit in the following pattern

2015-08-30 14.12.48

join these units together in rows of three using a 1/4″ seam

2015-08-30 14.22.02                                                                                                                 a little tip – press your seams to one side but in opposite directions on each row

2015-08-30 14.22.29this helps when you join your rows together because you can butt your seams up and this gives you nice crisp joins.

2015-08-30 14.26.20

and there you have it one ‘maple leaf’ block.

2015-09-01 09.44.51 maple leaf                                                                                      I have used mine to frame the owl panel. What will you do with yours?


Until next time                                                                                                                                          Happy sewing                                                                                                                                          Jane X

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