A slightly calmer week

after eventually getting everything put away (I’m not sure why it always seems you come back with more than you went with) The Corner Patch was back to ‘normal’.

We had a lovely day hand sewing with Barbara Chainey, making fan blocks.

I taught a couple of ‘absolute beginner’ classes but unfortunately forgot to take any photos (forgot to charge camera actually, doh!) I’ll take some when we meet next time, there are some really lovely ones being created.

Lesley came in with her gorgeous ‘disappearing nine patch’ quilt, she needed a little help attaching the borders. She’s doing ‘quilt as you go’ and it really looks great. It’s going to be a Christmas gift for her granddaughter – I know she’ll love it.

2015-11-21 14.38.04

We had a lovely day at Worcester Cathedral too at our eldest son’s graduation, so proud of him

Isaac graduation 19-11-15

The delivery of Moda’s Eliza’s Indigo arrived this week, a rich collection of navy, tan and creams.

2015-11-20 13.14.31

So a slightly calmer week but still lots going on, next week is just as ‘calm’ with lots of classes, fun and fabric.

Until next time,                                                                                                                  Happy Sewing x

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