Quilt as desired…

three words that can send a chill through some patchworker’s heart.

The very thought of the quilting brings some of us out in a cold sweat.

I remember being quite scared the first time I quilted my first quilt. I’d spent such a lot of time choosing fabric, designs and then carefully cutting and piecing my quilt top – I was so worried I would ruin all my hard work. (I think we put so much love and emotion into our patchwork )

It takes practice; Chris and Barbara both say 10 minutes a day is much better than half an hour once a month. Make yourself a ‘scribble cloth’ – two pieces of calico with a piece of wadding in the middle and just doodle (with thread) on it.

I find it helpful to doodle my ideas on a piece of paper before I even start on my quilt, it seems to get my brain used to the pattern (Chris calls it ‘muscle memory’) then I always make myself a scribble cloth in similar fabrics as what I’m going to quilt and have a little practice with threads and patterns to get the effect I want.

Yesterday Chris was teaching the basics of Machine Quilting at the shop, the ladies had been learning straight quilting, slight curves, following a pattern and the dreaded ‘free-motion’ quilting and they have all survived.

Some lovely results for a first try at machine quilting. Chris will be teaching a similar class again on Thursday 29th September.

So give it a try, don’t be frightened, even the ‘experts’ had to start somewhere and practice, practice. practice and as Chris says ‘just remember to breath!’

Until next time,                                                                                                                                                   Happy Quilting x
















































































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