Dazzling Diamonds

That was the title of the workshop with Jan Hassard organised by Staffordshire Patchwork & Quilters.

When they announced that they were having a workshop with Jan and it was on a Sunday I was thrilled – I don’t get the opportunity to do as many workshops as I used to now that I run the shop, and Jan’s talk at the SPQ monthly meeting was really inspiring, so I couldn’t wait!

Jan's quilt

The requirements list caused a bit of consternation – six 2″strips in six colours graduating in colour, phew! That’s a lot of fabric and a lot of cutting. Oh and we needed to have the 3 dark to medium and the 3 medium to light colours sewn together.

Now we had the requirements list a least a month ago, but Mrs. Last Minute here, was still sewing her strips together this morning before going to the workshop!

What a lovely day! it was such an enjoyable workshop. Jan talked us through the joining and organising our coloured ‘strata’ and then cutting the strips at a 60* angle to form the diamonds.

jan demonstrating how to cut a 60 degree strip


It took a while to get to grips with the process but once it ‘clicked’ we were really getting excited to see the pattern forming.

We’ve come away with several strips of diamonds, some even sewn together in pairs and the enthusiasm to get it finished. I can’t wait.

Kate deciding   how to lay out her strips

My mum Kate checking the lay out of strips

So thank you Jan for a fabulous day and thank you Staffordshire Patchwork & Quilters for organising a Sunday workshop.

If you get the chance to do a Jan Hassard workshop, don’t delay, sign yourself up, you won’t regret it!

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