No gadding about this week,

but it’s been just as busy at The Corner Patch with lots of classes.

I’ve been enjoying doing some teaching; explaining the technique of ‘foundation piecing’. It’s a little tricky but once you get into the rhythm it gives a very precise finish. You start with your block printed or drawn on paper or fine muslin and you sew your fabric onto that pattern, following the number order – it’s a little bit like patchwork by numbers. The tricky part is that you’re sort of sewing in reverse and you need be sure your fabric covers the area you’re sewing.

2016-07-13 16.55.32

This is Barbara’s block, she will make four of these which when joined together will make a lovely star. Faith also made a star but silly me didn’t get a photo but I did get a picture of her beautiful quilt, made using a Moda layer cake and curved piecing

2016-07-13 16.37.23

I’m sure you’ll agree it’s fantastic.

I also started to help Elin make her first quilt, we started with measuring and cutting fabrics and she made her first nine patch.

2016-07-14 11.52.20

Carol made use of the space at The Corner Patch and pinned her quilt together ready for quilting.

2016-07-15 15.24.47

Saturday saw the last of the ‘Roll-over Quilt’ workshops with Chris before the Summer break , the blocks are getting slightly more complex but that didn’t seem to slow Alison and Helen down they soon had their blocks made and joined to last month’s block…

The other ladies got their blocks completed if not  all joined together …..

Helen B has even joined her quilts made so far together and it looks brilliant, she has joined them using the ‘quilt as you go’ method and so the back is just as lovely…..

I don’t think she sleeps!

and we’re busy cutting and sorting fabrics ready for the sale that starts next week (23rd July)

Phew! I think I need a lie down !


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