British Quilt and Stitch Village

Phew! what a busy weekend, it was lovely to see everyone. We had a lovely time, but it seems that some of the visitors were a little disappointed – there were fewer traders this year and certainly fewer quilts to look at.

What can we do? If we don’t support our local show, we will lose it!

I’ m as much to blame as the next person, I was going to enter a quilt, but didn’t quite find the time to finish it. I thought ‘oh, it won’t matter they’ll be plenty of others’, but of course, if everybody thought like that they’d be none at all. So I am determined to get it finished for next year – I’m not bothered about winning ( but I will try my best) it’s more important to support the show and who knows, my quilt might inspire someone else to try patchwork & quilting for the first time.

Without quilts to look at there will be less visitors and with less visitors, the traders will not do so well and will not want to attend.

It takes a lot as a trader to prepare for a show, it takes me weeks (if not months) to get everything ready – making up samples, getting kits together, cutting up fabric and generally fretting as to whether I have the ‘right stuff’ that people will want to spend their hard earned money on. So if you don’t get a good return, it puts you off attending again.

So please, please try to enter a quilt next year, it will be good enough and you don’t have to read the judges comments, they come in a sealed envelope, bring them to me and I will look at them and tell you all the good bits!

Encourage your friends to visit and support the traders – we know you don’t need anymore fabric but there maybe a little bit you can’t live without!

Sorry for the rant, but I feel quite passionately about this (can you guess) it doesn’t matter what anyone else says or thinks, it’s our local show let’s support it and keep it going.


2 thoughts on “British Quilt and Stitch Village

  1. Sheila JAMES

    Hi Jane Hope you are ok and not too exhausted after the show. I didn’t realise that it was this weekend else I would have come along. March was a blur for me as I signed up for the Cancer Research Challenge which was to walk 10,000 steps every day throughout the month to raise as much money as possible. Well I did it and walked over 140 miles, 346.658 steps and raised £1,700. To say I was delighted is no understatement. The down side was no sewing whatsoever in March. I am always willing to enter a quilt in a show that I can get to but I do need a bit of a reminder I’m afraid😂😏🤔. Hope to see you soon, I really miss coming to class so must book something soon Sheila James X

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    1. jane2267 Post author

      Well done Sheila, what a fantastic achievement ! I shall make sure that you get an entry form ready for next year 🙂 There are some day workshops coming up – Bargello with Chris is the next one on 22nd April. Look forward to seeing you again soon. Jane x



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